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La Cité Development


The Partnership will bring in the expertise of leading developer - La Cité Development, who will also be investing equity into the Adriatic Project.

La Cité Development is a real estate firm focussed on the development of residential and mixed-use properties in real estate markets ranging from affordable or work force housing to market rate and luxury developments.

La Cité Development develop and own assets operated by world class brand hotel operators, with whom they have a long standing and successful record of development and operation.  La Cité Development has formed partnerships with Ritz -Carlton Hotel Company, LLC, St. Regis Hotels & Resorts, Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc., and Jack Nicklaus Design.

Among the projects La Cité Development’s previous projects include The Ritz-Carlton, South Beach, Ritz-Carlton Golf Club & Spa in Jupiter, Florida and the St. Regis Hotels and Resorts in Temenos Anguilla.

La Cité Development was founded by Dan Bythewood Jr., Dan Bythewood Sr., Khephra Burns and Susan Taylor. Prior to forming La Cité Development, the founders developed, managed and invested in over $600m worth of real estate throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, South Beach and Chicago with the valuation exceeding $1.5 billion.  Their development activities were in both commercial and residential properties for companies such as the Ritz-Carlton, Flag Luxury Properties and the New York Equity Fund.

With more than 25 years of development experience, the partners of La Cité Development have leveraged their extensive network of strategic relationships to put together a team of seasoned development and construction professionals focused on developing and renovating properties in markets throughout the world.  The company’s expertise in real estate investment and syndication coupled with their extensive experience with public partnerships and master planning for large-scale projects, makes La Cité Development a formidable market player within the development industry.

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Profile of CEO and President of La Cité Development

Daniel W. Bythewood, Sr. – CEO
Serving as La Cité’s Chief Executive Officer, Dan Bythewood, Sr is a real estate investor and managing partner in Neptune Capital LLC, a limited company that invests in emrging new economy companies.  He is an investor and partner in Flag Luxury Properties LLC, a real estate development company that is responsible for constructing high-end properties for the Mariott Group in the United States.  The Miami South Beach Ritz-Carlton is a 375-room hotel and spa with banquet facilities, specialty restaurants and luxury retail stores, which opened in 2002.  Another development is the Ritz-Carlton Club in Jupiter, Florida with Jack Nicklaus.  This project closed in April 2001.  Flag Luxury has also tied up the last “A” location in Las Vegas with a joint venture group to develop a Ritz-Carlton Hotel, fractional club and casino.  Dan Bythewood, Snr. has played an integral part in raising money for investment into these projects.  During the mid 1980’s, Dan, Snr. established Wildwood Gaming, Inc., a riverboat corporation seeking riverboat gaming licenses within the United States.  In addition, he owned and operated Jet Routes Unlimited, a private jet charter service with contracts with ABC Sports and Jim Henson Properties.  The company was sold in the early eighties, and Dan Bythewood, Snr. served as its President and Chief Operating Officer.

Daniel Bythewood, Jr. – President
As a Founding Partner of La Cité Development, Dan Bythewood, Jr. serves as President and Managing Partner of the company.  A real estate financier and developer, Mr Blythewood has extensive knowledge of the real estate market and has fully structured and negotiated real estate ventures from initial concepts through building, renovation, lease up and completion.  Prior to the founding of La Cité Development, Dan Bythewood was an acquisitions manager at New York Equity Fund, a division of the National Equity Fund, the largest syndicator of tax credits.  While at the New York Equity Fund, Mr Blythewood managed the construction and ultimately administration of large development and disposition programs within the City of New York such as the Neighborhood Redevelopment Program (NRP), Neighborhood Entrepreneurs Program (NEP) and Neighborhood Homes Program (NHP).  While at the New York Equity Fund, Dan Bythewood was in charge of in excess of a billion dollar portfolio of projects, and personally developed and invested $150 million in net equity.  The multi-faceted nature of the tax credit portfolio allowed Mr. Blythwood to fully understand co-ownership ventures and to establish superb banking relationships with traditional and non-traditional lenders, tax credit allocating agencies, city governments and joint venture partners.  A seasoned entrepreneur both in the United States and abroad, including Europe, the Middle East and Ghana, Africa, Dan Bythewood is a series 6 registered and licensed representative with the NASD. Mr. Bythewood earned his BA from Adelphi University.

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